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The Golden years of life, where kids don't have all the problems (drugs, STD's, school being hard, Homework, etc.) that come later
It would be cool to be 6 years old again
by AflacJack August 28, 2003
Another way to write twat. Can be seen on numerous Billboards in The Island of Staunton Island in Grand Theft Auto III
Instant Message: there's this really annoying kid @ my school. hes such a tw@
by AflacJack January 24, 2004
The year that the curse of Babe Ruth was put into effect. Supposedly broken when the Red Sox won in 2004, it was, in fact, only redefined: apparently the way it works is that the Red Sox will only win the World Series every 86 years.
Save your strength, Red Sox fans. Come 2090, you can burn down your city all over again.
by AflacJack May 22, 2005
The Ambiguously Gay Duo., Gay super hereos.
T.V. Watcher: "The AGD is on!!! SweeT!!!!"
by AflacJack August 28, 2003
An extremely funny comic strip written by Jim Davis.
This garfield book is funny shit
by AflacJack August 27, 2003
The Russian way to say american. Just like Russian=Ruskii;
and so on
I am friends with many Ruskiis and in their terms, I am an Americanskii.
by AflacJack February 05, 2004
A pretty cool city. Better than the shithole(New York). A lot like another great city, Boston(which is the best in my opinion). Also, people from there aren't all arrogant assholes like New Yorker's are.
by AflacJack August 13, 2003

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