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A mixture of leftover Gatorade and vodka.

Backstory and origin (based on a true story):
After playing some ball or having a good work out you head home to shower and change into your party clothes so you can go into town to party. Knowing that you have $14 on your debit card, which will not be enough to get you sloshed. Let alone allow your drunken ass to feast at Taco Bell at 4 a.m.. Therefore you decide to come buzzed. Time is short though, your cheap ass wants to get in before the cover charge and your friends are already halfway there. So what do you do? Take a random bottle of vodka you find in your house and pour it into the unfinished bottle of Gatorade so you can take it with you on the go. Why not just take the bottle of vodka you ask? Because your classier than that. But only a little. After breaking a sweat trying to find a parking spot you quench your thirst and replenish the lost antioxidants with your pre-made concoction as you hurry down the street to the club. Perfectly on time.

The Jock Shock is a very potent and strong mix since usually there is only enough Gatorade to give the vodka a color.

Enjoy responsibly.
"Got anything I can take with me?"
"yeah, grab the Jock Shock"

*Sitting at Applebee's

"Hey man, you drinking Gatorade with that steak?"
by aero_squid August 22, 2012

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