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a flavor of Snapple Iced Tea which when quaffed, or vapors inhaled, submites the user to an intense euphoric state or rapture
Time to go drown my sorrows in Peach Snapple
by ael April 28, 2003
A continuing orgasm connected to God.
Have you ever heard of Nirvana?

Have you ever had a Nirvana?
by AEL July 11, 2005
being under the influence of estrogen
Bitch, you dont make no sense. You gettin all estrogeny again
by ael March 27, 2003
of or relating to incarceration
Those criminillz committed an incarcerative crime
by ael April 28, 2003
relating or pertaining to the ohm, a unit of measurement for electical resistance
did you see that fuxed up coax? it was ohmy like a mother fucker
by ael April 23, 2003
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