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Sweet Lax Bro

Someone who epitomizes the look of a cool lacrosse player. Does not have to actually play lax, but must look like it. Must have stellar calves and well defined triceps. Often seen wearing bright colored Nike Air Max sneakers with high top socks, two-toned athletic shorts, a backwards hat, and a sleeveless workout shirt, sports jersey, polo, or slightly obnoxious looking athletic t-shirt. Usually has long hair so you can see his 'flo' shooting out the back of his hat or lacrosse helment. Must have the 'Don't really care because I'm so sweet' attitude and must pull lots of top-tier girls and sororitutes as a symbol of how legit he is. Must be in a sweet frat filled with other SLBs or on the Lax team at his school. Has often gone to prep school and has many connections at Ivy league and other elite schools.
Person 1: Yo, this house party is crazy! There are so many hot girls here. They are pounding down so much Bud heavy. Is this the lax team?

Person 2: Naw, this isn't the lax team. It is just a bunch of SLBs that I know. They rage hard and get top-tier chicks. They must work out a ton. I think they are in AD Phi or something, maybe SAE?

Person 1: I don't know. We should definitely find out so we can rush them in the spring. Btw, those Nikes that guy has are so over the top. Those neon laces are ridiculous.
by adslb194959 June 06, 2011
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