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4 definitions by adrenalectomized

Orthostatic hypotension.
I stood up and got the neon head rush.
by adrenalectomized April 06, 2008
5 0
Very developed obliques. After the MMA fighter Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos, who has unusually thick and defined ones.
Wow you've got a Cyborg line, you must have been working out a lot

Full contact twists will give you a Cyborg line
by adrenalectomized July 24, 2010
3 0
A phrase used when someone is behaving out of character, implying that they are using a drug.
Jeez, what's in your bloodstream? You're not usually so open with people.
by adrenalectomized July 25, 2008
6 3
Someone who is extremely annoying and dominating.
He's not just in your face. He's up your ass and in your viscera.
by adrenalectomized July 23, 2008
3 8