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Orthostatic hypotension.
I stood up and got the neon head rush.
by adrenalectomized April 06, 2008
Very developed obliques. After the MMA fighter Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos, who has unusually thick and defined ones.
Wow you've got a Cyborg line, you must have been working out a lot

Full contact twists will give you a Cyborg line
by adrenalectomized July 24, 2010
A phrase used when someone is behaving out of character, implying that they are using a drug.
Jeez, what's in your bloodstream? You're not usually so open with people.
by adrenalectomized July 25, 2008
Someone who is extremely annoying and dominating.
He's not just in your face. He's up your ass and in your viscera.
by adrenalectomized July 23, 2008

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