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Here's a litte history for you all. Many people don't know that the term rock-n-roll was also a slang word for sex or sexual intercourse in the late 1940s and early 1950s. It was particularly used by teens or the younger people in those days similar to the way people today use the word "freak". Just listen to some of the lyrics and titles of the past 2 decades. "Rock you all night, Rock the boat, I'll rock your world." Because of the sexual reference the terem implied, it resulted in on of the early reasons why conservative adults back in those days disapproved of the rock-n-roll as a type of main stream music. It was especially in the early 1950's that the number of young people (under 25)in the US who used a car or truck as basis for transportation increased drastically. There-fore more people were having sex in automobiles. And when 2 people drove to make out areas and got "it" on the car would then rock back and forth. Thus many people referred to having sex as rock-n-roll. Example is below.
Cindy and I were "rock-n-rolling all night.
by adonisdee July 24, 2004
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