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Bayville Long Island. I live there. It's a great town! Its a little longer than 3 miles long, has one main road that crosses through the whole town and has beautiful beaches on both sides. In the town its beautiful! Everything you want and need pretty much right there for you! nail salons, pizza, delis, IGA, a cany store, many restuarants for you to choose from. Living here, i couldnt ask for more. Im irish, ya, the typical irish/itallian bayvillian. But not everyone is terrible! Honestly, now, the people you see by the stands, and in the town walking around, about 70-80% of them hang around, do drugs, ya, them, they are from locust valley! not bayville. There are alot of things to do in bayville! i love it here. Everyone knows each other, but growing up here its hard to establish where you really are. Don't hate here, i love it here.
by adlkfjads;faskdjfh April 26, 2011

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