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when slightly tipsy and attempting to convince osemone that everyoen wants to have sex with her, this is the PERFECT term. by yelling "insert" over and over, she will finally believe that guys want her. damn taht bitch.
Person 1: god guys, no one likes me.
Person 1: god guys, no one likes me.
Person 2 looks at Person 3
Both recite: insert! INSERT INSERT in the ****!!
Person 1: fine fine fine. so they all want me. let's go get some more vodka.
by adksfds November 09, 2006
A common phrase used when having intercourse with a shy person. Chip makes the term "penis" sound more appealing..especially hwe soemone is raping another and jsut responds "DONT YOU WANT SOME MOTEHRFUCKING CHIPS BITCH" and then proceeds to scream random colors...

Person 1: Want some tostitos?
Person 2: hell yes.

Person 3: I just want penis..
Person 2 and 1: you're lame.

'like, i was just expecting soem salsa and bean dip, but then i tasted it and aws like, "maybe this is really is sex. i felt so deflowered."
by adksfds November 09, 2006
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