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A offspring of democracy whereby the greatest victim yields the most power. Victimocracy is antonymous with meritocracy.
Rather then elect a public official solely based on their merits, the country of VSA chose to elect the official based on a perception of suffrage. Thus the country of VSA became a victimocracy, and began to head in directions other then those driven by merit.
by adison13 June 18, 2010
The act of the dump. Defecation. A refined definition of poopy or poo pee. Generally used by the high brow crowd due to it's higher accuracy of the actual chain of events.
Mort - "Wow, that poo pee was one of my bests. I could have sworn, the flys were on it before it left me."
Sol - "How many time do I have to tell you..."
Mort - "Oh right, it's pee poo, I did pee first. Forgive me Sol."
by Adison13 January 22, 2010
The condition whereby a dump, or defecation, is considered complete. However the act of standing, and most times buckling your belt, evokes another dump. This may occur several times causing one to get the feeling of your dumper stuttering.
Mort - "Where the *!$% did all the toilet paper go?"
Sol - "Easy Mortin, I had a 3 seat stutterdump, I think it was the Gelfelta fish."
by adison13 August 03, 2010

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