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A small town in North-Central Texas that touches Dallas. Totally thinks its cooler than it really is. It's where you can find girls that aren't that cute, but like to have "fun". It's where you can go to find a lame party and excessive use of the bowling alley. It's where you can go to get a BADASS tapper-fade for 15 bucks. It's where you can find a shady sack of some good kernups. It's where you can go to see the only Walmart in the US, out of business. You're pretty much better off not EVER visiting this town. Pretty much makes me crazy. Pretty much LAME AS FUCK.
Drunk Southlake chick: "Hey, you're cute! Where you from?

Chillen Duncanville dude: "Well thanks, I'm from Duncanville."

Drunk Southlake chick: "O isn't that where all the bloods live?"

Bro 1: Dude I'm soooo bored. Let's go party in D'ville.

Bro 2: Ha yea right bro. You know there's no cute chicks there.

Bro 1: Yea your right... but I really need some brain.

by ademan11 February 21, 2009
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