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i was wearing tighty wightys as usual. i was in changing. i was in whight strong strechy breifs. then girls jumed over my locker room and took me to the ground i did not see them.., dragd me to the school flagpole (after they put my underwaer over my head) and and hung me up there naked tighty wightys only. i peed every 10 seconds! bags of ice wear superglued yo my underwaer and the 7 girls shoted and wooted. after the next day i hardly got ANY sleep cause i was peeing and pooping for a while. they only fed crackersevryone saw and took picters.i cried. my tighty wightys wear oner my head on the flagpole they made me feel sick by raising the flagpole and lowering it,up and down up and down...i woke up in the wedgie (in my super wet breifs) i was being lowerd (it was dark so i did not know who it was) and a lowerd to the end of the flagpole. it was my litle brother who is 10 and im 13 and he un hooked me. i gave him 100 dollers i was saving but i was in that wedgie for 3 days so he deserved it and i moved school.hanging wedgie. this is true.the trueist out of UD
by adamloof841 May 07, 2011

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