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A band comprised of Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp, on Maverick Records.

Originally to be named the "Cass County Homewreckers."
Yeah, so I saw The Wreckers on One Tree Hill, and was like, "Wait, are they a real band?"
by adamjk October 23, 2005
Nickname for singer-songwriter Michelle Branch, as made up by Talitha, a rad girl who has been a longtime member of the Michelle Branch boards.

The nickname has caught on amongst a large number of other fans, typically the older, less-retarded ones.

For reasons mostly unknown, Talitha does not like when (Michelle's bandmate in The Wreckers) Jessica Harp refers to Michelle with this nickname.
I heard Branchie popped a kid! True?
by adamjk October 23, 2005
A sub-label of Warner Bros. Music...

Initially owned in part by Madonna, and known by fans of its artists to be terrible at promoting itself and its artists.
Adam - Alanis Morissette's So-Called Chaos did really poorly, did it not?
Eric - Well, you know Maverick Records, crappy promo job makes all the difference.
by adamjk April 19, 2005

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