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The sleep-deprived, often disorienting way a person feels after working on so many impending deadlines their life has become a blur, usually made possible by the regular consumption of several litres of caffeinated beverage in short amounts of time.
Huh? Oh, I get it now. Sorry: brain-lag!

Employer: "Have you been here all night? You look like shit!"
Employee: "Yeah, a bad case of brain-lag..."
{employer leaves cubicle}
Employee: "...bastard."
by Adam Schilling February 16, 2006
just like it sounds a call made after sex
i always call paul and say "hey paul guess what...i just got laid" then i laugh and he gets mad because he cant get a slice of pootinany pie
by adam schilling November 10, 2002
the meaning of life is to go fishing...for trout in my toilet.
paul figured out the meaning of life while he was in my bathroom pissing while he was thtoned
by adam schilling November 10, 2002
stoned, drunk, all around messed up
edwin sure was faded after that phat blunt.
by adam schilling November 10, 2002
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