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this word is not used on italians but sicilians it started when the sicilians were brought here as slave labor for the white man. when the landed in new york staten island these three letters were stamped on the back of thier hands yes they mean "with out paper " later used as a racial slur like wet back
those stinken wops are taken all our jobs
by ADAM NICOLIA May 06, 2008
a goatee worn by sicilians and other races mixed with black that looks like an afro on the chin
tom "hey bro love the goatee wat u call that " adam "my son calls it the chin fro" tom "man you realy pull that look off"
by ADAM NICOLIA May 06, 2008
a black rose was used by the sicilian mafia as a message. if you recieved a black rose it ment you pissed off the wrong peorson and you was ganna die very soon.
guido " hey mario i just got a black rose from adamo." mario " really ?what u want played at your funnerale?"
by adam nicolia May 14, 2008
from the island of sicily , a mixter of african ,greek , egyption , and italian . altho italia owns the little island the sicilian is not considered italian the facial features of the sicilian more resemble that of african , also curly hair that look like a jerry curl, and can grow an afro on the chin (the chin fro). the sicilians look a lot like the egyptions. ( very few sicilians have blond hair but they do exist usualy having siblings with dark curly hair) . the racial slangs for a sicilian are , nigger, guinee, wop, the sicilian is well known for the mafia, pasta , and pizza
to call a sicilian italian or white is the biggest insult and will result in a fight.
by ADAM NICOLIA May 06, 2008
a way to see if u are black put a pencil in yous hair if it get caught and dont fall out (and its ur naturual hair ) u are black
hey jim my mom said ive got black in me how do i know for sure . jim says take the pencil test well grow ur hair out and put a pencil in it if it gets caught in ur hair ur black
by adam nicolia July 30, 2008

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