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Alan McDade was the third man on the Moon, only the older generation really remembers this. So to be described as an Alan McDade suggests you'll be very successful, possibly orbit the earth, but the next generation will not know your name.
Father: You'll go far if you try hard my son, you may well be as successful as Alan McDade.

Son: Who?!?
by adam candle May 12, 2006
Literally Hell.
Lancastrian rhyming slang circa 1976. First used in relation to the birth of Christopher Joaquin Bell at Lancaster Royal Infirmary on 16th June 1976.
Father: "I have told you before about playing with that plug socket, you'll electrocute yourself and then there will be Chris Bell."
by Adam Candle April 17, 2008
Refering to someone as a gimp who you would dearly wish to fuck off
Man: Do you come here often?
Woman: You're a gimp-off
by adam candle June 21, 2009

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