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Being extremely hard to deal with, or something that makes you angry.
"Man that last answer to that test was so rhumpus and unfair!"

"This is rhumpus, they're not letting me into the club because I'm only fifteen."
by actionjackson96 January 18, 2009
A mixture of vomit and poop. It can be A, when you vomit then poop nearly simultaneously, B, when you vomit poop, or C, the product of Vomooping.
Kevin: Last night I got so wasted and sick I had to vomoop everywhere.

Joe:Dude you couldn't give me a hundred dollars to touch some of your vomoop.
by actionjackson96 June 26, 2010
When you get a into a conversation about a video or movie that you've never seen and use some of the comments that you've heard somebody else make about it after seeing it. Usually done to feel less left out and more the center of attention.
Joe, "Did you catch the new Quentin Tarantino movie?"
Paul, "Yes, I found it a classic thrill ride. It was violent, unrestrained, and thoroughly entertaining."
Joe, "Dude you totally are praise jacking right now"
by actionjackson96 August 26, 2009
To move to the end or back of something. Comes from Rosa Parks moving to the back of the bus.
"Tiger Woods really Rosa Parked in the standings after that terrible day at the masters."

"Hey no cuts, Rosa Park to the end of the line."
by actionjackson96 June 21, 2009
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