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The physical world, or the world outside of the internet.
"yeah she looks good on Myspace, but have you seen her in the meat world? she's disgusting"
by Action Steve January 02, 2006
The controller used with the Nintendo Wii console.

Is able to sense motion on all three axis and can be expanded on with use of such wiimote add-ons as the analog nunchuk, the classic controller, and the wii zapper lightgun.

The wiimote also contains force feedback, a speaker, and 6kb of "non-volitile" memory.
The Wii Console comes with, Wii Sports, one wiimote, and one nunchuk attachment
by Action Steve October 22, 2006
the politically correct term for a bum or homeless person.
Grandpa, you can't go around calling people 'bum's anymore. They prefer to be called urban outdoorsman.
by Action Steve May 24, 2006
Used in fighting games to describe a match between two of the same character.

During a mirror match the first player most commonly plays with the character's primary costume or outfit. The computer or second player's character wears an alternate outfit which can be an entirely different costume or a slightly off shaded version of the origianl
Sub-Zero faced off against Sub-Zero in the mirror match before the final endurace matches in Mortal Kombat
by Action Steve April 08, 2006
a derivative of the word "virtual" invented by Sega as a prefix to many of their games
Virtua Cop appeared in arcades and on the Sega Saturn
by Action Steve October 19, 2005

to be completely grounded and deprived of all means of modern technology

derivative of the word amish
after my mom heard the truth about what happened last weekend, i was amished for weeks
by Action Steve March 14, 2006
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