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3 definitions by acablue

The second team in MLB history to have the worst record in all of baseball in one season, and come back to win their division the next year. The Rays changed their name from the Devil Rays in 2007 and instantly became really good in 2008. They went on to the 2008 World Series, only to lose to the Philadelphia Phillies 4 games to 1.
With a solid starting rotation and one of the best lineups in the American League, the future of the Tampa Bay Rays looks bright.
by acablue January 10, 2009
A terribly designed junction intersecting I-4 and I-275 in Tampa, FL. It is notorious for its confusing twists and turns and car crashes during the morning rush hour. If you are driving in the area, don't be surprised to hear news of a major backup near Malfunction Junction on the radio in the morning.
Bumper to bumper traffic as a result of yet another car accident on Malfunction Junction. We'll be here for while.
by acablue January 14, 2009
Not Safe To Fuck

Pretty self-explanatory.
Angela has a bad case of the brown starfish, her asshole is NSTF.
by acablue January 19, 2009