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A Gezbian is a shemale who likes to have sex with both men and women.
Anna is a Gezbian. She likes to fuck guys and let girls lick her snatch and tits
by aby April 14, 2005
A Japanese Swordsmith. Said to be the best swordsmith on earth. No one knows for sure whether he existed or was he just a myth. Hattori Hanzo was also a character in the movie Kill Bill directed by Quentin
and starring Uma Thurman.
According to the movie, Hattori Hanzo is still alive and lives in the city of okinawa, Japan but resigned from his original job 20 years ago as he made a primise to stop creating weapons that kill people.
Hattori Hanzo is the greatsest swordsmith ever.
by aby April 19, 2005
fake highlights
Damn my hairdresser gave me some kerrins for free! they suck!
by Aby January 30, 2004
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