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Where all Elite H4x0r5's come to congregate and discuss plans of world domination through massive packet flodding through 56k modems ...
Welcome to AOL. You've got mail...I hope you didn't invest in this company...
by abtm February 22, 2003
A game that is the step up from Counter-Strike. All lamers who play Counter-Strike MUST graduate to Day Of Defeat and spawn camp like hell in order to survive in the internet world.
Patrick loves teh day of defeat because snipa owns him
by abtm February 22, 2003
Noun() The lamest network on the face of Internet Relay Chat (IRC). DALnet has been a L.L.C and a profit organization and is now pwned by 14 year old arab script kiddies with T1's in their basements.
DALnet is teh gai
by abtm February 22, 2003
A cracker hacker whacker offer who made lame sound and flat images for Counter-Stryke
The jesse "cliffe" is the lame
by abtm February 22, 2003
Tried to recruit me for kiddy porn movies
see above example(s)
by abtm February 22, 2003
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