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1. A derogatory term used against Africans but yet has been made popular in today's culture.

2. It can also mean a black person that is useless. Just like calling a white person a cracker or a Hispanic person a spic, i.e. all niggers are black but not all black people are niggers.
So yes, There is a difference between a black person and a nigger.
Look at the way that guy acts. He just put his people back another 1000 years (*cough* rappers *cough*). Yeah, he's behaving like a total nigger.
by absolutezero1287 March 17, 2007
1. A Spanish slang word (more specifically Cuban) that simply means dick cheese.

2. A word that can be used to describe something useless.
I didn't wash my schlong for a week and it ended up covered in fana.

My old N64 controller is all fucked up from Smash Bros. it's nothing but fana now.
by absolutezero1287 March 17, 2007
one who is very good at their trade or craft.

Above average, exceptional
That dentist is a dick buster. He's a millionaire.

This breakfast is busting dick.
by absolutezero1287 June 20, 2009
Songbird is a browser much like Firefox except that it is also a media player. Even though it's still a bit buggy it looks to be very promising.
I was using Songbird the other day. I was checking my email and listening to music on it and it didn't slow down for a second.
by absolutezero1287 August 11, 2007

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