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Supposedly a singing contest, yet instead one huge joke. All it is is an unfair competition in which a young, good-looking yet naive wannabe-famous boy or girl is chosen to be the next one hit wonder popstar to generate money for Simon Cowell. The winner is usually forgotten about after a few months, becoming only background noise in the music industry, but that doesn't matter to Simon, as he does it every year. The shows are heavily decorated and the drama is over exaggerated, making it even less about the singing, and to make matters worse the judges are always people that don't actually know much about music or singing. Plus the performances are usually enhanced with pre-recorded backing vocals. And no, your votes don't count, Simon chooses who goes through and who doesn't. It's a shame how music is about money nowadays, and not emotion and expression, and The X Factor is only making it worse.
Fuck Simon Cowell and The X Factor.
#the x factor #simon cowell #joke #sham #crock of shit
by absoluteloadofbollocks December 26, 2010
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