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an acronym derived from one of the greatest animated programs ever conceived, Avatar: The Last Airbender.
My friend started watching ATLA one night, and he...just couldn't look away.
by absolutebob July 17, 2008
1. visible veins within the eyelids occasionally giving the appearance of a lavender discharge of lightning.

2. computer hardware which complete a gaming tower; screws.
Upon examining the patient's gamebolts, the optometrist was sure the subject was either a hardcore gamer or a vampire.
by absolutebob May 29, 2008
two or more frankfurters sandwiched between sesame seed buns.
Yeah, I'll have the homoburger combo, extra mayo, and a large queer shake.
by absolutebob July 17, 2008
of, pertaining to, or for sexual action.
She was talking about her other boyfriends to make me jealous and rush into a sexction but I humbly resisted.
by absolutebob May 26, 2008
1. A sudden state of extreme mental fatigue, usually brought on by excessive eye strain; sleepy.

2. An event which slowly causes temporary loss of consciousness: the TV was still on after I awoke from being morrowinded.
Every time I try listening to my wife talk I get morrowinded and it's impossible not to nap.
by absolutebob October 22, 2012

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