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A state of complete brain overload that grinds all self control to a halt.
ZEEK's meltdown:
another puck ass little shit tough guy computer geek
dude your so bad ass over a computer
get a life cause fucking with me in person will end your life quick
Ill tell you just like I tell all the other punk pussies that think there bad
Ill give you my address or you give me yours and Ill be more then happy to come and drag your fag ass all over your house with your mom or dad or wife or whoever crying not to kill your ass,
you puck ass child molesting piece of shit.
#melt #down #meltdown #selfcontrol #suckit
by absent April 08, 2006
Finnish slang, meaning money, cash.
Mä tarviin fyrkkaa, oisko sul heittää?
by absent April 14, 2005
Finnish slang, meaning small, tiny.
Vittu et tol jätkäl on snadi muna.
Mul on aika snadisti fyrkkaa.
by absent April 14, 2005
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