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Elliot is a true master at caring. He teaches how to love and be loved. A man of honour a man of steal. He's as handsome as a Greek God, as strong as diamond, as compassionate as a saint and is as gentle as a father's touch. Elliot possesses a magic within to create a vision in the eyes of all, leaving them stunned at how brilliant and perfect Elliot truly is. A leader, a spirit lifter, a lover, a giver, an Elliot'll leave you speechless with his being, his essence.

Life isn't complete without an Elliot. Once you meet him, he will take your concerns away and replace them with peace, tranquility and love. This is the magic that is he. An Elliot brings out the best in everything and everyone he touches, and makes the world simply a better place to be.

An Elliot will render your dark days with light,
An Elliot will give a selfless comfort to make all things
He will bring the moon to where the sun lies.
In a heart beat he can turn a sunset into a sun rise.
An Elliot is someone who gives the gift of love,
and from that day onwards he will be your all, beyond and above.
An Elliot will give a strength a hope,
Taking your hand and helping all cope.
An inspiration a muse
Once Elliot touches a heart, it can't ever refuse.

An Elliot is to create a phenomenon in which a delicate blend of awesomeness, love, compassion, humility, inner an outer beauty, charisma, charity, strength, passion, security and wonder merge to create the amazement that he will forever be
A magician of his nature, my companion, can only be an Elliot.

What an amazing man... the love heart link was for you, darling Elliot.

Awesomeness of this kind, can only be an Elliot.

A man loved dearly, he is Elliot.

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