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1 definition by abhjuiksld

Average Scene Girl
-choppy layered mullet
-multi-colored hair
-owns many things that are neon colored
-band and dinosaur T-shirts
-snakebites,monroe or septum piercing
-owns a sidekick,RAZR or SLVR
-mulitple pairs of skinny jeans
-Myspace account with more friends than Tom(if that's even possible)
-only assocates with other scene kids
-wears outrageous amount of eyeliner and eyeshadow
Scene Girl:i think im gonna wear a massive amount of eyeliner today,with a massive amount of glittery neon pink eyeshadow
Scene Boy:me too!
Scene Boy&Girl:we are soo scene and better than everyone!
by abhjuiksld October 08, 2006
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