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The man who is the best WWE legend.Also known as Deadman INC,American Bad A%$,The Phenom n the 7foot missle.The guy who whooped evry gr8 wrestlers' a%$e$$ at WrestleMania-the grand daddy of all the PPV.The man who has won a magnificent record 13-o at WrestleMania.The man who will nvr evr lose at WrestleMania.The man who deals wit the dark side.The man nt 2 b messed wit.The man who will bury u alive.The man 2 b reckoned wit.The man whose legendary legacy will nvr evr die.He iz the one n only THE UNDERTAKER!!!!!
frnd:who do u tink iz da best wretsler in the world
i:UNdertaker u stoopid maggot head freak.he has nvr evr lost a single WrestleMania match!!!
by abhizzle_dogg October 07, 2005

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