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A disgusting, sloppy vagina with sludge-like excretions (mucus, afterbirth, sperm, feces, etc). Likely accompanied by very foul odor.
A sludgina is what you might expect a wompus or a cheap hooker to have.
So I hooked up with this chick at the bar, but then I found out she had a sludgina!

Gross dude, I can smell her sludgina from here!

Chuckle my sludgina!
by abezice January 03, 2010
This word has no inherent meaning but can be used in place of any word (sort of like fuck or smurf: smurf-berries, have a smurfy day, etc).
Chuckle is usually taken to mean the most perverse, obscene, or disgusting thing imaginable in the given context.
Chuckle me tenderly.

I chuckled up a storm in the bathroom.

I want to chuckle that waitress.

Oops, I chuckled myself.

Chuckle my wompus!

Are you the Chuckler?

Dude, it was chuckle central at that party.
by abezice January 02, 2010

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