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3 definitions by abemab

Just some fat bastard with a really annoying voice who thinks he's hot shit, when is just shit. Lying is his hobby and lacks the brain to argue those who oppose his views and one of the biggest losers on television. How he got his own show is beyond me.
CNN viewr: Yesterday, Glenn Beck says Iran is the biggest threat to the planet even though the NIE reported them shutting down the nuclear power program years back last month. Can you believe that moron?

Climate Change: Who cares, makes my job easier and quicker.
by abemab April 09, 2008
The CNN of the middle east. Hated by right wing nuts and islamophobic freaks because it tells the truth and exposes their lies to the Muslim world. Unlike fox news, Al Jazeera does not yewll at its guests to shut up. There is a reason the American government tried to bomb its head quarters in Qatar. This is an Arab media, of course they have tapes of bin laden, you think he mails his tapes to the white house through fedex or emails them to bush? Where else is he going to send them first, China?
Al Jazeera: Mr islamophobe/right wing american nut, you claim that our network is supportive of al qaeda.

Islamophobic/rightwing nut: Yes, why do you think they never have any guests from the states here? Because we expose their lies

Muslim world roles their eyes.

Al Jazeera: um, uh you did read in your invitation you were the 80th guest from the states we had since we were launched in 1996 right?

Islamophobe/right wing nut: Hell No, reading is for terrorists, abd squares.

Al Jazeera: Ok middle east, i think you just seen why Americans are getting raped in iraq.
by abemab April 09, 2008
Contrary to what right wing jew-christian-athiest nut jobs say, its not some tatic to silence critism of islam. Muslims welcome critism of our religion all the time. please stop bringing up some nut job with a sign saying behead those who insult the prophet. that is not islam, thats not what muslims are about. The extremists are a very small majority in the muslim world. Like all religions, we have extremists too, and all kinds of extremist in history have killed people. But there's a difference between critizing and bashing. Thats were that word came from. Islamophobia is the fear or hate of muslims, islam, or anything related. Calling a mosque a whore house and spray painting "sand n*ggers" on it would be considered islamophobia. Telling a harvard educated muslim women to take off her scarf and get a job and then spitting at her is islamophobia. A person who hates muslims is called an islamophobe. They do everything in their power to get the public to hate muslims. For example, new york islamophobes protesting at city hall not to pass a approval to ceritfy an islamic school because of what they see in the media rather than getting off their fat ass and going to the mosque and learn about islam themselves. But no they gather around and protest not to build an islamic. Their excuse, they have schools that teach arabic, so? all schools teach english does that mean we have to protes not to build catholic schools? When muslims try to stop the prejudice, its called terrorism. When a danish bastard makes fun a the prophet, its called freedom. Islamophia survives by infecting the great idea of free speech to a hate mongering generator. What islamphobes are doing troday is the same thing southerners did to the blac people, the same thing the nazis did to the jews. So when you come to my house and vandilize it, dont tell me its freedom of speech because youre on my property and according to tje 2nd ammenment, i have a right to cap your sorry ass.
After 911, a sikh was killed because he wore a turban. Not only muslims wear turbans. A muslim was arrested for mowing his lawn because his next door neighbor thought he was building a bomb because of your islamophobia
by abemab April 06, 2008