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european blacks
blacks from europe
an irish person has an automatic ghetto pass
by abcdefwxyz April 23, 2007
people who all have ghetto passes for everything weve been through almost as bad of shit as blacks and mexicans
irish people dont drink as much as beleived
by abcdefwxyz April 23, 2007
1.someone who is white that just so happened to be raised in a low class neighborhood that is mainly of african descent that was raised around gangs and violence so he acts that way not because he thinks its cool but because it is what he knows

2.a white that was born and raised in the suburbs and has a multimillion dollar house that has never had a struggle in their life so just plays grand theft auto and thinks its cool because other races live it and is curious about it
why do people barely ever call white suburban girls like fergie wiggers

by abcdefwxyz April 23, 2007

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