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Also known by males as "Delicious Delights" or "Double Doobies" the Double D definition defines a woman with seemingly big breasts of the double D size.
Most men simply drool over this size, and most women want it. Though, only a special selected few have it.

P.s- Big boobs don't count if your fat. So please don't get to excited obese men.
Double D (DD)

Alison- I really like you Lukey....
Lukey- Yeah.
Alison- How do you feel about me?
Lukey- Yeah whatev. What bra size are you?
Alison-I'm a double D.
Lukey- Will you be my girlfriend?
by abbey(IDefineShit) July 03, 2010
The small hole at the base of the penis, used to ejaculate and urinate (or put small items in )
The Meatus Hole.

Girl - whats that strange hole on your penis?!

Guy- Thats my meatus hole. Get down on your knees for a closer look.
by abbey(IDefineShit) July 03, 2010
Mai engleesh teech er go tangri at me wen eye wrote my

es ay like this. She sed eye was stoop id, bee coz i yam in yeer ell eh vin! Buh thai no that i yam relli juz ay poor un eh doo kay tid stoo dent, who has nort bean giv en the op ortoon itty to reech mai fool pot entyal.
Essay Question -

"Please define the meaning of sexual intercourse"

Uneducated Students Answer-
Sum times when mai mum an dad r real e hapee they gowup stairs an den dey jum pon the bed, and mai mum sqeels with hapeenez. An dmai dad thumps the bed hed coz he is so ex highted.
by abbey(IDefineShit) July 03, 2010

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