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A genre of music combining elements of Jazz, Hardcore, and Metal music. Though there are no official artists who consider themselves of the Jazzcore genre artists who play jazzcore may be influenced by acts such as:
Veil of Maya
Chelsea Grin

Jazzcore music is characterized by elements of a song, ie usually contain metal breakdowns, jazz chords, and hardcore riffs and leads, or possibly parts that combine all of these and more.

Typical instruments used in Jazzcore are:
Drums(with double bass drumming)
Screamed vocals
Clean vocals
Potentially keyboards or synth

Guitars in Jazzcore usually tuned their strings down using varied tunings. While a metal guitarist might tune his strings in drop B tuning, a jazzcore guitarist might differ from that tuning (ie, B-F#-B-E-G#A, or A-F#-B-E-G#-A)
While metal guitarists may also use drop C tuning, a jazzcore guitarist may vary from this tuning by using cello tuning (C-G-D-A-B-E) This is done to make playing jazz chords and metal riffs at the same time a little bit easier.
There was this hella brutal jazzcore band that played tonight.
by aballerdaswhoiam March 03, 2010

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