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A reciprocal of the same popular euphemism Son of a Beast that denotes the same meaning as its root phrase.
"Son of a Beast, Beast of a Son. Seast of a Bun, Bun of a Seast."
by Aazhmandius March 20, 2003
A euphemism for the term: Son of a bitch.
"Son of a beast! I hate Herb Kelmar!"
by Aazhmandius March 20, 2003
1. A prestigeous compliment of the highest honors in Middle Earth.
2. One who knows the name of Gandalf's Sword.
3. "I have all the books and I read The Silmarillion 10 and a half times."
Shana and Lani: "You guys are such Glamdring Nerds."
Josh and Jason: "Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!"
by Aazhmandius March 20, 2003
This phrases is widely used among many of the "nerd" factions, mostly used in conjunction with the popular theatrical line from the movie: Fellowship of the Ring. Getting off the road implies removing oneself from harms way.
"Hey Jeremy, you better get off the road before Josh wins at Smash Brothers AGAIN."
by Aazhmandius March 20, 2003
A commonly used phrase in North America that seems to be catching on like a craze in European nations. It means, in its most basic form, to have fun, or start up an activity that leads to fun or enjoyment.
"Hey josh, you ready to Jam with the Six (when preparing to play Soldier of Fortune 2 online)?"
by Aazhmandius March 20, 2003
1. Pretard (noun) Any individual whose normal intelligence ratio appears to be dropping at an advanced rate.
2. Pretarded (adj) A descriptive word meaning to exhibit the natures and evidences of one classified as a pretard.
This guy is such a pretard!
by Aazhmandius March 21, 2003
An alteration to the popular euphemism: Son of a Beast and Bun of a Seast.
"I wake up every morning and realize what a Seast of a Bun day it is going to be."
by Aazhmandius March 20, 2003
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