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Small city located in west-central Pennsylvania (about 100 miles due-east of Pittsburgh). Well-known for high unemployment, alcoholism, drug abuse, right-wing closed-minded mullet-heads, guys (and gals) who love huntin' and fishin', etc, etc.. It's a town that has more in common with rural West Virginia than the rest of PA.

Locals have one of the most annoying dialects on the planet (mixture of Pittsburghese and Baltimore-ese)

90% of the population is over age 50 (most young adults who grew up there MOVE AWAY ASAP)!!!
See Pittsburghese, and add the following Altoona-English translations:

Hell-eau: Hello
Pheaune: Phone
Crik: Creek
gowon: going
by aaronwa April 22, 2005

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