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3 definitions by aaron doyle

Tiny balls of toilet paper you get in your mouth when you eat out your wife sometimes. I know it sounds gross but I cant be the only guy this has happened to.
God dam it, i just ate another mouth full of clit wads you bitch. Wash that shit out sometimes.
by aaron doyle February 23, 2008
6 0
The unusual phyisical and mental sensation one feels after taking dirty acid, and can really be expressed with no other word.
Man this fuckin acid sucks. Now we'll be "squeazin" for hours. I'm not even seeing good tracers.
by aaron doyle February 14, 2008
2 0
A person whom you would assume eats shit.
My foreman is such a "shitsmack".
by aaron doyle February 13, 2008
3 7