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To take something up another notch in quality; to make something totally delicious. Usually goes with total yummification! Used in the context of food, sex or clothes.
That little shredded fur boa which is total yummification!
by aaron atlas February 22, 2005
A muscle guy who spends off-gym time baking great puff pastries.
Bruce is not a Muscle Mary, he is herculicious!
by aaron atlas February 21, 2005
A muscle guy (both straight and gay) who knows and sings, often in private, all the words to Christian Aguilera's "Beautiful". Broadway musicals, Liza Minelli CDs and his steroid set-up are among the stuff he'll save in a fire.
Will is such a Muscle Mary he practices body building competition poses while lip synching Cher!
by aaron atlas February 21, 2005
A gay guy who spends $300 for trucker-style T-shirts and $500 for trucker caps by D-Squared, a Canadian designer. Also means a big sucker.
Sean Hayes went to Barneys and got D-squared!
by aaron atlas February 22, 2005
Some complicated story or line, usually a lie, told by a gay guy or woman, to explain why he or she is late.
Beeaaitch, your story about your chihuahua eating your pancake make-up is total fandango!
by aaron atlas February 22, 2005
Gay fish, usually male, but could switch genders.
My fabulous x, Jonathon, collects guppies and shoots them in a barrel.
by aaron atlas February 22, 2005
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