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3 definitions by aaarwin

Used by the neuroscientist Kathleen Taylor to describe what happens when people are not included in their tribe; the others are commonly classed as beasts or subhumans.

Can be broadened towards separating people belonging to different religions or separating believers/non-believers, friends/not-friends
Those who carried out the final solution in Nazi Germany could only have done it by otherisation of the Jews.
by aaarwin October 26, 2012
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absolutely nothing, same as didley squat
"Red Hot" 1978 song of Robert Gordon and link Wray:
My girl is red hot, your girl ain't doodley squat.
by aaarwin January 07, 2013
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Windmill for electricity production.

Used as a denigratory description by people who don't believe in global warming.

Some people believe large windmills for electricity production are harmful for birds.
Do you believe bird chippers and solar panels are the solution for the energy crisis?
by aaarwin November 01, 2012
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