11 definitions by aaaardvark

A type of out of stomach experience performed in a pub car park or beside the road on the way home.
Where've you been, you look awful?!
Just popped out to growl at the gravel in the car park.
by Aaaardvark November 25, 2006
Short for freckle puncher.
I reckon Elton John's a freckler.
by Aaaardvark November 27, 2006
To have an out of stomach experience, i.e. to vomit.
You don't look too well mate, hope you're not going to throw your voice.
by Aaaardvark November 26, 2006
To commandeer or seize control of a word; to assign a new meaning to an existing word.
Guy: Wait, what? Your name is Isis? Are you a terrorist?
Girl: Fuck you. Those arseholes wordjacked my name.
by AAAardvark October 15, 2014

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