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Steroid abuser. Muscle-bound freak. Roid junkie.
Look at that ugly meat head, must be a roider!
Oh, that's Arnie Szhwarzenegger.
by Aaaardvark November 27, 2006
To have an out of stomach experience while placing ones head inside a toilet bowl. Anyone listening at the door might hear the name of Huey (or perhaps Ralph) being called upon repeatedly.
Excuse me, I think those prawns were off, I have to go talk to Huey on the great white telephone.
by Aaaardvark November 26, 2006
One who is one the delivery end of anal sex; usually reserved for a male homosexual.
Hey, I just found out that Elton John is a freckle puncher!
by Aaaardvark November 26, 2006
A quaint euphemism for heterosexual sexual intercourse.
Police officer: What are you doing in the back of that car sonny?
You: Parking the pigskin bus in tuna town, sir.
by Aaaardvark November 27, 2006
A regrettable experience, often late at night and/or the next morning, and possibly connected with indulging in a few liquid refreshments.
Sorry about the carpet, I just had an out of stomach experience. Guess it was something I ate.
by Aaaardvark November 25, 2006
One who beats his own gong
An onanist
Player in a one man band
One known to shake hands with the unemployed
One known to spank the monkey
You'll go blind, you filthy gong-beater!
by Aaaardvark November 27, 2006
The post tense of having parked ones stomach contents somewhere. The term is most appropriate for sudden involuntary regurgitation where the parking site is particularly unfortunate, and causes distress for all concerned.
I'm never taking a drunk scrubber home again; the last one parked a tiger in my bed!
by Aaaardvark November 26, 2006
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