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Vtecs are usually found in tehran . glendalee or hollywoodd (:
most of the time you'll see theem in BMWs , benzz or a cheap asss honda civic . most of theem have a "v line upp" nd use the terrm "bro" aloot. have at least one pair of nikes nd vans :D . ohh and when they fail a math test they mostt of the time get chased by a pair of their mom's high heels (= . dj basketball girls soorik gormesabzi honda bmw mercedes sidekicks env myspace nikes ararat line up vtec engine spolers subaru gel

VigenxVtec: Damn narb did u see armens new car
NarbxBro: ya bro its sick
by aaNONYmouuuusx February 16, 2009
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