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Dover high school is a school in dover nj. Most of the time students spend their time in ISS, when they arent they are usually being dicked around by the midget vice principal. Its very easy to get in trouble here, all you have to do is have an opinion and prove a teacher wrong and they slap you with something ridiculous. the school drug councilor is a nice guy, but he seams to like lying to kids so they wont do drugs. in a few cases he even told student that marijuana is deadly, and marinol is the only way to get medical marijuana in california, he should deff do some research before he pulls the "drugs are bad, mkay?" card . the school has its awesome english teachers and its over patriotic shiny headed PE babysitters. everyone in this school loves drama, and if you tell someone your business then expect to see it all over facebook within a few hours. in the bright side, the lunch is amazing. you actually have choices. but thats where it ends. 99.3 percent of students in dover high end up dropping out. its not the kids fault either.
ged program: " _____ ged program how may i help you?"
dover high school dropout "yo wuts gud niqqa im tryna sign up"
ged program " ok where in dover do you live?"
by a_notmyrealname December 30, 2010

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