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A term which is used to refer to two cities in Minnesota which are right across the Mississippi from each other: Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Ever since Minnesota's beginnings these two cities have battled for just about everything, and interesting fights arise about which one is better.

MINNEAPOLIS is much more glossy and like a modern city. But it also has what comes with a modern city: crime. There is quite a large night life. The city is a good bit dirtier than it's neighbor Saint Paul and you'd best avoid Washington Avenue. Anybody who used to watch the Mary Tyler Moore show would know Minneapolis as it took place there. During the past 100 years Minneapolis has grown to be larger than Saint Paul, and if you read history books, Minneapolis was the city that was considered the cow town while people from Saint Paul gloated.

SAINT PAUL can be more likened to a classic European city. The streets may be confusing to some, but if you notice that they run according to the river it quickly makes sense. Saint Paul is also much more preserving of it's historic buildings, while maintaining a sense of freshness through more modern ones (IE Galtier Plaza). Saint Paul is obviously a well-cared for city as downtown is sparkling clean and the area's richest people live in immaculate houses on Summit Avenue. There are parks scattered throughout downtowin, giving the city a very relaxed feeling. Though Minneapolis is larger, Saint Paul has been growing at a more rapid rate for the past several years.

At any rate, both are cities are not bad to visit. Just make sure that you try to stay out of the wars between the two. People who fight about such matters are unbalanced.
Hello ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts as we are about to land at the Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport.
by aTorridGustOfSun March 19, 2005

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