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A standard night in fleet will go as follows: Cotching it at a mates house for a few hours listening to music and general bant. This is followed by a ganders up to fleet with a crate of beers and maybe some weed/drone. Stroll up and down the high street before gettin bare hungry and going in for a dutty pizza from herpies. THe most important part of the night is a ganders at PRC with some bare coffee and bait party rings. Cotch it up to the skate park and have a ganders on the swings while keeping lookout for the meat wagons and pig brigade. Sleep on bench or back to mates house on the floor.
" Oi breh, you up for a Standard night in Fleet tonight"

"yeh bruv, sounds safe, what time?"

"meet at mine at like 8 ish, i got bare dolla?"

"allllow it standard, can i cotch at yours after"

"yeh sorted"
by aLLow nD TingZz May 14, 2010
pronounced - bark-Ay

the term "barkay" can be used at the end of an argument, signifying that you dont care about the topic anymore.

Also used as a sarcastic retort to somebody who is annoying you.
"...so if you shot me in the head, i would still have the strength to break your neck....blah......"

"barkay, just STFU"

"(babbling on about some inane subject)"

"barkay, i dont care now f**k off"
by aLLow nD TingZz May 15, 2010
see verb to allow except in a stronger form.
Used to describe something soooo bait, that saying allow just isnt enough
"yo bruv, see that gash over there"
"ohhhhhhh mate, bare allow that"
by aLLow nD TingZz May 15, 2010

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