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3 definitions by aDIYguy

1. Rusty Warren was famous for her vulgarities and irreverence.

2. I hate the vulgarities of drive ins.

3. For all his many and apparent vulgarities, Chris had a certain raw charm to Ann, my friend.
by aDIYguy December 03, 2010
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SDIGD = Some Day I'm Gonna Die... and then what? Is there a God. What then becomes of my soul? And my worldly treasures? So live for today as if your eternal life depends on it.
I live my life as if SDIGD.
by aDIYguy November 28, 2010
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u{buttinsky] - What I say to a dickless or dickhead who cuts in front of me in traffic or a line-up.
What's the matter ubuttinsky, can't you wait until I get mine?
I was in traffic and this fubuttinsky cut me off, almost missed hitting his buttinsky butt.
by adiyguy November 28, 2010
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