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what people call you when your a teenager and your doing something fun for little kids. Usally people say this to make themselves feel older and more mature even though there not.
Sam: Dude wanna go have a mud fight!
Kevin: Your so immature, thats for little kids.
Sam: Fuck you at least I'm not an asshole.
by a-manster August 03, 2006
The greatest type of music ever, why listen to lame music when you can listen to ska. Extreme upbeatness, horns and checkered awsomeness. All other music dwindles in the shadow of ska.
ska kid: man do I love ska.
gangster kid: yo fuck dat shit man
ska kid: if you only knew
by a-manster June 03, 2006
code name P.I.M.P. !
by a-manster August 21, 2006

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