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3 definitions by a fire inside

Masterpiece release of new wave/goth rock band The Cure. Also a song on said album.

One of the very best albums of all time.
If all else fails, Disintegration can calm me and ease my insomnia.
by a fire inside January 19, 2005
55 6
an electronica/indie duo whose trademark instruments are casio keyboards. addicting and usually upbeat. see 'sunset over malibu' and 'the new sound'.
brittnay (dancing): tonight on highway 1, i saw a sunset over malibu..

sadie: ..i see the sky, the stars, the lights, and i always think of you.
by a fire inside July 14, 2005
5 4
a. What preps call punks.

b. A poser punk.
"Like, ohmigawd, he is SUCH a punker! Teehee!"
by a fire inside November 10, 2003
26 43