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The sexiest man on Earth by far.
Billie Joe Armstrong is sexy!
by a butthead August 17, 2009
Extremely cheap and/or crappy things found in the Dollar Store or the Gas Station
Samantha: Hey Sandy, I got you a gift!

Sandy: Cool! Thanks!

Sandy opens the present and there is a $1 gift card for the Coach purse store. (Coach is an expensive brand of purse)

Samantha: Do you like it?

Sandy: No! It is supershitty! The cheapest thing at Coach is 25 dollars!
by a butthead August 03, 2009
To kill/ defeat someone that has no chance when fighting against you.
In WoW:

Orc: Dude lets noobgank people in the starting areas!

Tauren: Dude! That's not nice.

In real life:

Sam: Dude, let's noobgank kindergarteners!

Wesley: Okay! Noobganking is what I do best!
by a butthead August 03, 2009
A gay movie that talks about testicles. Hence the name.
Two people named Shelly and Fred are dating. Until Fred slips up..

Fred: Hey Shelly, want to watch Spaceballs with me?

Shelly: Hell no, you gay asshole!

That's why you shouldn't watch Spaceballs.
by a butthead July 19, 2009

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