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A trendy store where you will most likely see blonde size 0 cheerleader/preps shopping. This store is only for people who can afford it. Knock-off cheap ass brands are aeropostale.
FYI: Hello? A&F doesn't sell tees for $50 you retards! It is $29. And for those of you who are jealous and can't afford it, too bad!!!! ha ha ha
You have to be skinny to where it. The most popular kids usually wear it.
The employees are friendly and helpful.
Abercrombie kid: Why the hell are you wearing Aeropostale?
EX Abercrombie kid: because I didn't want to pay a lot for it.
Abercrombie kid: Too bad. I thought you were cool.
Aeropostale kid: I kind of look like you.
Abercrombie kid: No, cool turned around and kicked you in the ass when you first looked at that store. You have been downgraded.
Aeropostale kid: I couldn't fit into it anymore!
Abercrombie kid: That is because your like a size 12. They only carry sizes 00-10.
Aeropostale kid: I suck don't I.
Abercrombie and fitch kid: Yea, you do
by a&flover November 17, 2006
It is a cheap knock off of Abercrombie for people who can't afford the real thing. It has the biggest sizes in the world and the fattest person could fit into it. People who can't afford a&f and can't fit into it usually turn to aeropostale or walmart.
it doesn't even look like abercrombie you posers! If you can't afford its too bad!
Aeropostale girl: Look at my cool new tshirt that i got.
A&f girl: Why?????
Aeropostale: Well I couldn't really afford abercrombie and I couldn't fit into it.
A&F girl: But they have up to a size 10!!!
Aeropostale: I am a size 11.
A&F girl: Get away from me you poser!!!
by a&flover November 17, 2006
It is a cheap ass knock-off brand of abercrombie and fitch. Usually, people who shop there cant afford abercrombie and want to look cool. They sometimes can't fit into A&f clothing and aeropostale provides BIG BIG BIG sizes. Aeropostale is stupid and wrong. They want to look cool but can't. You could buy like 10 shirts for $10. Aeropostale people are not popular. They usually are not rich kids. They are just so retarded. Posers. Wannabees.
Get a clue posers! You don't look cool. If you can't afford the real thing then too bad for you!!!!!!!
Aero's employees are too pushy.
Aeropostale kid: Look at me Im so cool!
A&F kid: NO your not poser.
Aeropostale kid: I have to wear this. I can't afford to be hot like you. And I can't fit into the sizes they have.
A&F kid: too bad.
Aeropostale kid: I wish i was you!!!
A&F kid: dream on.
by a&flover November 17, 2006

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