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An affliction of the MMO player. Symptoms of Guild Master Syndrome (Hereafter referred to as GMS) includes a false sense of superiority derived from their status in an Massive Multiplayer Online Game, such as having a high level and advanced equipment and being the leader of his or her guild. Sufferers of GMS typically have a group of "hanger ons" conisisting of individuals much younger than themselves. Said individuals are very impressed with third tier loot. Most sufferers of GMS are often considered douchebgs and should be avoided at all cost.

Note:There is no known cure for GMS
Ex 1 :
Person 1: "Do you know how popular I am on the internet? I'm a fucking guild master."

Person 2: *Face palm*

Ex 2 :

EB employee: "Heres your wow card and your copy of pirates of th carribean 3. Would you like to purchase insurance for your game for an extra $3?"

GMS sufferer: "Yeah man, for sure. Like when I'm with my guild, I always back my shit up."

EB Employee: "Oh yes, that's facinating."

GMS Sufferer: "Yeah man, for sure it is, like last night me and my guild were on this raid and all the fuckers got wiped out except me and I was left alone and single handedly took out every one of those hoard moher fuckers myself. It was the shit, I was the shit, I'm awesome at WoW, we should chill sometime."

EB emplyee: "Ummmmmm... Okay, yeah... Maybe sometime... talk to me later..."

GMS sufferer leaves.

EB Employee 2: "Guild master syndrome?"

EB Employee 1: "Yep."
by _spin_ August 23, 2009
adj. lam·er, lam·est
1.Weak and ineffectual; unsatisfactory
2.Eli Roth and the Films he directs, most notably Hostel.
Hostel was so lame that my existence doesn't feel validated so I will kill myself in the most gruesome way possible, except with a blowtorch....which is lame.
by _spin_ April 05, 2006
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