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A town in NJ way too small where everyone knows everyone and gossip spreads quicker than the one fake I.D. everyone shares. The kids drive their mommy and daddy's Escalades, Mercedes-Benzs, and BMW's. On the weekends they go to Ny for a "chill night out" and drop $500 on classy dinners downtown and maybe visit their parents uptown. All snobby, rude, oh and the boys are fake gangsters.
Waitress: Can you kids afford to eat at this restaurant?
Kid #1: Um, duh we're from Fort Lee. My mom gave me her platinum card.
Kid #2: HA! The times must be hard, my dad gave me his black card.
Waitress: In that case let me suggest the beluga caviar and the finest wine in the house!
by _japsbgone June 25, 2011

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